Cafe-hopping – Carpenter and Cook, Maison Ikkoku

Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook


Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook

Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku

We travelled all the way from the East to Upper Bukit Timah just for Carpenter and Cook after hearing so many good things about their home-made desserts and charming home accessories, and I must say their passion fruit tart truly AMAZING. I mean, the ambiance and their knick-knacks are pretty and all, but when the passion fruit was placed in front of me, everything else was insignificant. I kid you not — I can’t even remember how the chocolate caramel (?) and the latte tasted.

The sweet, slightly fluffy and creamy meringue, the sour, sweet and fragrant passion fruit curd and the crumbly tart… SO DAMN GOOD. I fell in love with the carousel teapot too but… $160 for a porcelain teapot… Maybe not.

Drove round and round and found ourselves at Maison Ikkoku at Kandahar Street. Just next to this store is the Rich & Good Cake Shop which I heard sells really delicious Swiss Rolls. Was closed when we got there though. 😦

Maison Ikkoku has a really chill vibe which I loved! And the coffee? BRILLIANT. Totally love my Signature MI Latte!


The best pineapple tarts in the world

pineapple tarts

pineapple tarts

pineapple tarts

Lunar New Year is one of the best time to pig out on all the delectable goodies and not feel guilty about eating them because everyone is doing the same, and come on, it’s only once a year!!! Pineapple tarts are my guilty pleasure — the sweet and the savoury, crumbly crust and chewy center, all in a bite.

Besties and I have been making our own pineapple tarts since 2 years ago and although it’s a whole lot of hard work, it becomes all worth it when we get these little ones out of the oven and into our happy tubbies.

Sorry, but we’re going to be selfish and keep the recipe to ourselves for the time being! πŸ˜‰

Lunch time delights – Tiong Bahru Bakery, Peperoni Pizzeria, Cedele

Tiong Bahru Bakery Singapore

Tiong Bahru Bakery Singapore

Peperoni Pizzeria Zion Road

Cedele crab pasta

The (awesome) food places around my new workplace are just about the best thing ever! After a year of eating canteen food at my previous workplace, I finally have choices! I feel like a kid in a candy store everyday (don’t judge).

All within 10-15minutes of walking we have Tiong Bahru Market (really good fried fish lor mee), Tiong Bahru Bakery , Tiong Bahru Plaza (Qi Ji‘s popular nasi lemak and popiah, MOS Burger — my favourite fastfood, Yakun), Great World City (Cedele, Starbucks for my quick coffee fixes), Prata Paradise, Peperoni Pizzeria

And today, we tried the highly-popular Tiong Bahru Bakery for lunch!

The squid ink bread was great — fragrant, a tad crispy on the outside and totally fluffy in the inside, with a slight vinaigrette taste. Smoked salmon, parma ham, mixed leaves fillings however, not so impressive. The lemon tart too was a hit and miss. This time, the filling was great (I love the lemon-y, custard texture) but the pastry was so hard (it was difficult to even put my fork through it).

My skinny flat white was the star of the meal — hands down, the best coffee I’ve tasted in awhile. And I love how they serve so many renditions of coffee, and not just the regular mocha or latte.

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Vietnam travel guide: Hue, Hoi An, Mui Ne, Saigon


Here’s a continuation of my Vietnam travel guide to Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa. I hoped the part 1 of my Vietnam guide had helped — at least a little?

So from Sapa, we returned to Hanoi, where we stayed for another night, before we head to Hue on our very first sleeper bus! A 14-hour ride, which travel pillows and eye masks were very much needed — at least for me.

Day 8 (Hue)

Accommodation: Guesthouse Nhat Tranh (17 D Chu Van An) — US$15 for triple room

A family-run, no-fuss guesthouse. Good location.

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Vietnam travel guide: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa


The two weeks that I backpacked around Vietnam was just amazing. Not only was that my virgin backpacking trip, but every city we (was there with two of my cousins!) went to was very different. The food was different, things to do were different, and even the architectures! Everyday was exciting for me…

Well, other than the days that we were traveling from one place to another.

There was one time where we had to travel for almost 20 hours in a sleeper and day bus. I was on the verge of jumping out of the bus. I just can’t stand being in a moving vehicle for more than ten hours.

Anyhow, I survived that ride. And I survived two weeks with minimal make-up and accessories (come on, you have to applaud for this huge achievement of mine).

So, here’s my guide (plus Lonely Planet’s guide, since we relied heavily on that book) that many of you have been requesting for! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Day 1 (Singapore to Hanoi)


Accomodation: Golden Time Hostel (43 Ly Thai To Street, Hanoi) — US$21 for a triple room

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