The best pineapple tarts in the world

pineapple tarts

pineapple tarts

pineapple tarts

Lunar New Year is one of the best time to pig out on all the delectable goodies and not feel guilty about eating them because everyone is doing the same, and come on, it’s only once a year!!! Pineapple tarts are my guilty pleasure — the sweet and the savoury, crumbly crust and chewy center, all in a bite.

Besties and I have been making our own pineapple tarts since 2 years ago and although it’s a whole lot of hard work, it becomes all worth it when we get these little ones out of the oven and into our happy tubbies.

Sorry, but we’re going to be selfish and keep the recipe to ourselves for the time being! 😉


Pineapple joker

Our typical annual CNY goodies.

Our typical annual CNY goodies.

So, this happened when I went to Poon Huat to get ingredients for our annual pineapple tarts baking session…

Me (after seeing 3 different pineapple fillings): “What’s the difference between the three pineapple fillings?”

Poon Huat employee: “The $5 (the most expensive out of the 3) is the best!”

Me: “What’s the difference?

Poon Huat employee: “Get the $5 one! It tastes the best… Not too sweet or too sour.”

I thought, “you might as well not sell the other two.”

Me: “I want those with fiber. Does this have fiber?”

Poon Huat employee (after checking the INGREDIENTS LIST on the packaging): “Don’t have!”

I just gave him the “are you kidding me??!!” look and decide that I will Google it for myself.

Anyway, can’t wait for our baking session next weekend! Delicious heart-shaped pineapple tarts!