A head full of purple

ombre brown purple hair

My brilliant hairstylist at Chapter 2 has magically transformed my head of chestnut brown with mahogany inner highlights to one of chocolate brown with purple ombre!

Never in my life would I have thought of having purple in my hair… But I decided to try anyway… I mean, why not? Other than it being kind of difficult to match my bright-coloured clothes (I’ve been wearing a lot of blues, greys and blacks these couple of days). I’m just kind of anal when it comes to matching colours and mismatched colours just irks the hell outta me — which is also why my tattoo is just black.

Anyway, back to the topic of my hair! I have always been a firm believer of trying everything at least once and if I want to dye such a (crazy) colour, I rather do it when I’m 24 and not wait till I’m like 40.

So, there. Purple hair. I’m actually loving it right now and I’m hoping the purple won’t fade away too quickly!


Pineapple joker

Our typical annual CNY goodies.

Our typical annual CNY goodies.

So, this happened when I went to Poon Huat to get ingredients for our annual pineapple tarts baking session…

Me (after seeing 3 different pineapple fillings): “What’s the difference between the three pineapple fillings?”

Poon Huat employee: “The $5 (the most expensive out of the 3) is the best!”

Me: “What’s the difference?

Poon Huat employee: “Get the $5 one! It tastes the best… Not too sweet or too sour.”

I thought, “you might as well not sell the other two.”

Me: “I want those with fiber. Does this have fiber?”

Poon Huat employee (after checking the INGREDIENTS LIST on the packaging): “Don’t have!”

I just gave him the “are you kidding me??!!” look and decide that I will Google it for myself.

Anyway, can’t wait for our baking session next weekend! Delicious heart-shaped pineapple tarts!

Vietnam travel guide: Hue, Hoi An, Mui Ne, Saigon


Here’s a continuation of my Vietnam travel guide to Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa. I hoped the part 1 of my Vietnam guide had helped — at least a little?

So from Sapa, we returned to Hanoi, where we stayed for another night, before we head to Hue on our very first sleeper bus! A 14-hour ride, which travel pillows and eye masks were very much needed — at least for me.

Day 8 (Hue)

Accommodation: Guesthouse Nhat Tranh (17 D Chu Van An) — US$15 for triple room

A family-run, no-fuss guesthouse. Good location.

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Vietnam travel guide: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa


The two weeks that I backpacked around Vietnam was just amazing. Not only was that my virgin backpacking trip, but every city we (was there with two of my cousins!) went to was very different. The food was different, things to do were different, and even the architectures! Everyday was exciting for me…

Well, other than the days that we were traveling from one place to another.

There was one time where we had to travel for almost 20 hours in a sleeper and day bus. I was on the verge of jumping out of the bus. I just can’t stand being in a moving vehicle for more than ten hours.

Anyhow, I survived that ride. And I survived two weeks with minimal make-up and accessories (come on, you have to applaud for this huge achievement of mine).

So, here’s my guide (plus Lonely Planet’s guide, since we relied heavily on that book) that many of you have been requesting for! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Day 1 (Singapore to Hanoi)


Accomodation: Golden Time Hostel (43 Ly Thai To Street, Hanoi) — US$21 for a triple room

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I floated, then I ‘drowned’

Had a last-minute chance to attend SM Town Live in Singapore and I’m so glad I went (even though I had to be the photographer on my off-day)! Finally got to see the other two-fifth of TVXQ up-close! And very coincidentally, they sat right in front of me during the press conference. I just stared, and stared, and stared at the two flawless figures in front of me.

Thankfully I was just supposed to be photographing and not filing a story because my mind was just switched-off as I stared at them for the entire press conference.

Concert-wise, everything was great except that I could only see barely 5cm figures dancing on the stage (the venue was HUUUGGGEEE) and it started POURING during the last few songs (where the “official photographers” were allowed to snap shots). I got utterly drenched cos I was trying to protect my DSLRs and lenses.

It was crazy trying to balance an umbrella with two poncho-wrapped DSLRs while trying to snap good shots of the artistes. Crazy.