Cafe-hopping – Carpenter and Cook, Maison Ikkoku

Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook


Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook

Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku

We travelled all the way from the East to Upper Bukit Timah just for Carpenter and Cook after hearing so many good things about their home-made desserts and charming home accessories, and I must say their passion fruit tart truly AMAZING. I mean, the ambiance and their knick-knacks are pretty and all, but when the passion fruit was placed in front of me, everything else was insignificant. I kid you not — I can’t even remember how the chocolate caramel (?) and the latte tasted.

The sweet, slightly fluffy and creamy meringue, the sour, sweet and fragrant passion fruit curd and the crumbly tart… SO DAMN GOOD. I fell in love with the carousel teapot too but… $160 for a porcelain teapot… Maybe not.

Drove round and round and found ourselves at Maison Ikkoku at Kandahar Street. Just next to this store is the Rich & Good Cake Shop which I heard sells really delicious Swiss Rolls. Was closed when we got there though. 😦

Maison Ikkoku has a really chill vibe which I loved! And the coffee? BRILLIANT. Totally love my Signature MI Latte!


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